〜 別所電線はみなさまに支えられ、2010年で創業80周年を迎えることができました 〜

May, 1930

Started production and sale of rubber insulated wires, flexible cables, copper braid wires and special stranded copper wires in Osaka.

March, 1932

Started production of wires for aircraft, automobile, neon tube and telecommunication devices.

May, 1942

Designated as an approved factory for private airline companies and Ministry of Munitions.

June, 1945

Established a munitions factory in Fukui.
Burnt down factories in Osaka and Fukui by war.

September, 1945

Restarted business in Amagasaki.
Started production of cotton-covered wires and vinyl chloride wires.

January, 1957

Started production of polyethylene insulated wires and silicone rubber insulated wires.

April, 1960

Started production of wire harnesses for consumer equipment, automobile, construction machines and agricultural machines.

July, 1988

Made a work partnership with Fujita Kakou, Ltd. with production increase of braided wire harness for construction machines.

July, 1990

Certified as a supplier by Akashi Office of Shin Caterpillar Mitsubishi Ltd. (Caterpillar  Japan Limited. as it is).

November, 1998

Transferred production from Amagasaki to Shikoku region.

June, 2002

Established Shikoku Kakou, Ltd. as a factory for wire harnesses through join-investment with Fujita Kakou, Ltd.

September, 2002

Established Pole Star Electric (Dalian) Co., Ltd. in China jointly with Nakajima Electric Corporation.

November, 2005

Acquired ISO 9001 certification.

November, 2006

Acquired ISO 14001 certification.

March, 2007

Consolidated production into Marugame factory.

May, 2010

Celebrated our 80th anniversary.

November, 2015

Mr. Koji Bessho took office as president.

April, 2019

Bessho Wire Assembly (Thailand) Co., Ltd. start to production.