Our Manufacturing Spirit

Our Manufacturing Spirit​

Upgrading Our Technology

All of us keep “Not can’t, but how to do” in mind as a motto. We try to meet customer’s requests with our originality. Most of our products are customized. The accumulation of experience enables us to perform the production with small lot multi-production and develop the special products. Through the continuing to development of new products, we realize to improve the technology in whole company and individual.

Everyone United

It is necessary that all employees are united with the same goal to maintain high quality of products. At least once a month, the head office staff go to the factory and hold a meeting with each site managers.

We always pursue the best production planning, delivery schedule and line management, and share those goals. Above all, wire harness is a product that requires processes by human hand. Only when each individual involved in production aims at the same direction, we can maintain high quality manufacture.

All for Customer

In order to realize “Deliver high quality products that meet customer’s requirements at the time specified by the customer”, all of us squeeze out the time, wisdom and experience. We share our opinions from each viewpoint beyond the department.

It is because of customer’s trust that we have been able to continue manufacturing for over 80 years. In order to respond to the trust through the future, all the staff unite one and engage in manufacturing.